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Announcement for 2019


Dearest friends of Circle A,

We are writing to inform you all about some changes to the Circle A program for this coming summer. A number of circumstances have converged that have given the Ross family an opportunity to take a sabbatical summer. We are choosing this to focus on some rest, health, family time, and refueling. This means that we will not be running our Circle A summer camp program in North Carolina this year as we had originally intended.

While we are truly saddened to think of a summer without our usual Circle A camp program, we are also filled with peace and the joy that comes along with choosing a dynamic and balanced life. We are confident that while this is the best thing for our family this summer, it is also what is best for Circle A. We will take the time to refuel and reimagine so that in 2020 we can come back together with you for a fabulous celebration of 40 years of Circle A! We are looking at some properties to run a summer camp program, and also looking at a retreat/reunion for families or adults. Please stay tuned to the Circle A facebook and email for some really special chances for you to be a part what is coming next for our Circle A community, and some ways to help us celebrate our 40th the whole year through. We will be announcing future dates for camp and other exciting possibilities soon.

In addition to our efforts for 2020, Skip is eager to share some new teaching with all of you soon. We are very excited to announce a Worldwide Masterclass Live Stream event featuring Skip Ross! The live stream will take place on June 9th at 3 pm EDT, and you can find more information and links about that in the coming weeks at The Masterclass will be appropriate for both teens and adults, so please invite all friends of Circle A and all who can benefit from Skip’s teaching to join us for this free event!

We love you all and we are grateful for your continued investment into the heart of Circle A. We invite you to continue the journey with us at the Masterclass event and beyond!


Skip, Susan, Stephen, Jenni, Chris, and Melody


About Us


The focus of the Circle A program is to teach teens key life skills like leadership, teamwork, and goal-setting. Through daily seminars, with world-renowned speaker Skip Ross, they will be able to discover their full potential, develop life goals and build a positive attitude.


What we do

Our Program
& Purpose

The Circle A Camp program is filled with all the fun camp activities you’d expect, but our purpose is far more unique. Through these activities, we teach campers leadership skills, teamwork, positive attitudes and productive communication. In the daily seminars, with speaker Skip Ross, they will learn life skills like handling fear, goal setting, building positive relationships, developing a proper self-image, and finding balance in life.



Daily seminars teach campers life skills in leadership, attitude, and communication.


Meet other campers from around the world that come to our unique program.



A key focus of our program is developing an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement.


Our activities help campers form fantastic friendships that last a lifetime.

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Still not sure?

We promise this summer will be a blast, but we understand if you are unsure if its right for you. We would be happy to talk with you about our program in person. Please feel free to send us an email at or give us a call at 616-951-3161 and talk to our staff to get all your questions answered.

I realized that if I had known as a teenager what I learned as an adult, my life would’ve been happier, more productive and more beneficial to me and those I came in contact with. And so the desire to teach these things to teenagers was born.
— Skip Ross